Hot Coffin: S/T

Hot Coffin album cover Date Released: 04/01/2016
Label: Triple Eye Industries
Album Type: Full length
Album info: Bandcamp

Snotty, sneering punk. Not to say that this isn’t well thought out, because to get it right takes genius, and this is just about on the money, but it is nice to listen to something basic and simple, in the way that it hasn’t been “over thought” like too much technical proggy stuff can be.

This is raw punk from the dawn of man. And it doesn’t even pause for breath. Just rolls track after track, beating you in to submission. “Hammer Throw” breaks down in to a nice drum beat and riff so there is a little respite, while “The Bait” brings in a little discordant guitar to counterbalance the pile driving back barrage.

This four piece from Milwaukee, Wisconsin make a terrific racket, punk with attitude, but also enough rock posturing to make the attitude stick! This would hopefully appeal to readers here as well as those of the loud QUIET loud alt. rock scene as it certainly approaches like a sinister snarling beast-child of some noise-rockers like Pavement.

“Salt Away” is the opus track here, at a mighty four minutes and forty-three seconds and is the most structured of the songs here, as it builds slowly around a sticking riff and beat, the vocals are then introduced, and the brings together a noisy moment, before reprising the riff n beat before morphing in to the last quarter where it could be a completely different song!

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