Horse Head – Terminal Review

Horse Head - Terminal

I think I reviewed a previous EP within these pages by the fair Horse Head. After a short instrumental introduction, the adrenalin injection hits and like a bad acid trip, you just have to ride it out! “Inferno” is a terrific title for an opening track such as this, as the tune really does smoulder and then take hold and all I can hear are the roaring flames of the vocals with the backdrop of falling masonry and girders crashing on drums and cymbals.

This is intense, I have read about their live sets in people’s front rooms, and shaking the whole neighbourhood. Oh, please come and play London. I know just the place, a small venue in Brixton that can take the pummelling, but the ancient windmill in the neighbouring park may require scaffolding support!

Release date: October 6, 2017
Label: Self released

Mixing the intensity of hardcore with the sheer power of metal and the pacing of doomy sludge, Horse Head know how to tow the listener along building on simple sounds through repetition that amount to sonic torture, but in a nice kinda way if you are into that sort of thing.

For fans of Eye Hate God, Nightstick, this is exhausting to listen to, good grief, what is it like to see them live – if you have had the chance to see them play in a bar or front room, please do get in touch below!

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