Horse Head: Missionary

Horse Head - Missionary album cover Label: Independent
Album Type: EP
Date Released: 09/25/2015
Band info: Facebook

Horse Head sound fun. Not only have they graced the stage with Napalm Death and Municipal Waste, they have also played little gigs in people’s homes, packing them out with speaker stacks and doom loving frenzied sludge freaks, blasting the neighbourhood with their rampant sludge doom!

My kinda people! This new self released EP kicks off with a beast of a title track, a barrage of drums and crashing cymbals with some interesting guitar work that really elevates this to another level. Vocals differentiate between rasping howls and guttural bellows, whilst the drummer peals through his skins with a constant cymbal assault there’s an interesting use of stereo effects which disoriented me, which is always good!

Closer track “Destroyer Television” begins with a bass-y solo, and then adds a little laid back groove to it, before shaking you senseless with the sludge fest of harsh intensity reminding me of the first time I heard Nightstick cover “Set the Controls to the Heart of the Sun.” It does breakdown a few times to take breath, before ratcheting it up again for another onslaught.

For fans of YOB, Dragged into Sunlight and annoying neighbours.

• • • • •