Hollow Leg: Crown

Hollow Leg - Crown album cover Date Released: 06/24/2016
Label: Argonauta Records
Album Type: Full Length
Album info: Bandcamp

Whiskey soaked vocals accompany that all American southern sound of sludge doom. Definitely for fans of the NOLA sound, Hollow Leg from Jacksonville Florida deliver exactly what is expected of them – a relentless harsh graveled vocal over nod inducing power… but hold on, track three, “The Serpent in the Ice” piques my attention as it has a solo drum intro. This stands out from the expected sound, and rolls and peals as it builds quite a groove along with the guitars.

I take it back, this isn’t what I expected after the opening salvos of the Anselmo style barrage. It has now turned left at Albuquerque (as Bugs Bunny used to say), and got a gentle groove going with instrumental track “Atra,” the only instrument missing from this is a Jews Harp, That would really nail that slightly spooked swamp sound. And “Electric Veil” opens with an exploratory stoner vibe, the guitar licks curl like the rising smoke from a cone. Then the power hits as the vocals and drums kick me from my ennui!

“Seven Heads” brings together trippy intros and a heavier blues power along with Scott’s constant rasping sludge howls. This track has some excellent doom nod interludes – what’s the equivalent of “mosh part?” Send answers on a postcard to Inhale the Heavy.

I didn’t think I was going to like this at first, but after the initial attack, I really dig it, as it has power, groove, dirty lead guitars as well as soft noodling stoner vibes too.

Previously released only in Europe, Crown is being re-released on vinyl and cassette from Argonauta Records. Visit Hollow Leg’s Bandcamp page to purchase a copy.

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