Greenbeard: S/T

Greenbeard - S/T album coverI am not sleeping well at the moment, and this album appeared like it was a prescription dose.

Three Texans plug-in, sit back and let it flow. It’s just what the doctor ordered. The album starts with the pounding Bellerophon, a deep belter of a track that starts you on their journey. Love is Pity has a drum beat that nears Motorik standards, however towards the end of the track it breaks down in to squalling acid fried stereophonic psyche guitar.

All this energy has worn them out as Eris starts a sun baked stoner groove, making me feel like tumbleweed as I get slowly tossed along the desert by a warm zephyr…..pulling from the breadth of hard and heavy bluesy rock with their acid baked stereophonic guitar play.

Sludgito is a stand out track, slow and low and all I can manage is the doom nod to keep in time. With classic peaks and troughs of fuzzy doom and slightly distant vocals bringing an ‘otherworldliness’ to it, reminding me of Sleepy Sun.

We near the finish with a jaunty tune Jack the Ripper – what every happened to Spinal Tap’s musical “Saucy Jack”? its their second wind as they have awoken from the drifting malady that leads us in to the closer Dead Valley – with a title like that, does it need much introduction? You know exactly what it is going to sound like – and as the fuzzy psyche guitar lets rip, my nod becomes a left to right wig out!

Label: Independent
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 11/11/2014
Band info: Facebook

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