Gravespawn – Inexorable Grimness Review

Gravespawn - Inexorable Grimness

Cassette collectors and tape heads rejoice!! Folkvangr Records is releasing of the cassette version of Inexorable Grimness by USBM band Gravespawn on August 25th 2017 as a limited edition solid black cassette with white ink and hand-numbered, plus double sided 4-panel sleeve in a crystal clear case.

Although this album was released late 2016, it is seeing a cassette release this August, and it is my first time listening in. Opening with a Mortiis style depressing dungeon dirge, the rest of the band soon kick in with fierce and fast black metal and gargling with gravel vocals.

The back story of this band is rather impressive, as it was formed in 2004 by a chap serving out his military service in Korea and recorded a demo in his barracks room! I find this impressive. But I do have to ask about the name, I am guessing it is referring to the spawn of a grave, as opposed to the pawn of graves. Either way, I am a pedant!

“Oath of the Annihilator” sounds like a raging storm with lashing rain of guitars and lightning cracks of cymbals. And the storm sets the scene for a typical horror story style track including scary monk style chanting and peaceful interludes, just when you thought you were safe! And don’t you believe it!

“Thy Gates Ablaze” opens with triumphant guitars with great singalong chorus sections, I only wish I knew what the correct words were to join in! Topic wise, it is depressingly gothic, as “he washes his hands in the tears” so, some very emotive scenes play out along with blood rising musical battle cries.

Another fantastic addition to the Folkvangr Records roster, if I could I would collect them all, only I always worry about tapes getting stuck in the machines and then they are all crinkly. Reminds me of early teenage years, and I will avoid that like the plague if I may!

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