Giant of the Mountain: The Empty Quarter

Giant of the Mountain - The Empty Quarter album cover Date Released: 05/27/2016
Label: Burning Dogma Records
Album Type: EP
Album info: Bandcamp

You can’t judge a book by its cover, or a band by its name. I was really expecting something stoner/doom with a name like Giant of the Mountain. But they shocked me with their black/death metal, way too fast for what I was expecting.

Anyway, this EP, The Empty Quarter, is due for release on Burning Dogma Records on May 27th 2016. They are backing this up with an East Coast US tour with Krigsgrav, maybe following the presidential nomination circus wagon that is out on the road too!

What does pique my attention is the guitar solos on this release, as they are really clean and fresh, rising way above the growling chaotic rumble of the blackened death sound. But track three “Instinct,” slows things down to a tempo I can cope with, a real gutsy bowel loosening Autopsy style with a pseudo rise and fall approach that helps it chug along.

Closer “Into Dust” has an even NWOBHM feel to it, an early 80s bleak British sound, making me think of long unemployment queues and cheap lager as the way out. This EP wasn’t what I was expecting, and I wasn’t taken by the initial tracks, however, I am quietly contented with the second half of this EP. I really enjoyed the variety of influences here. A solid sound, and it will be well liked by the brutal kick drum crowd. I reckon, but I’m too old and fat for that scene these days.

As The Empty Quarter is not streaming, you can check out songs from Giant of the Mountain’s 2014 release Moon Worship below.

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