Ghold: Of Ruin

Ghold - Of Ruin album coverGhold are a two piece from South London, playing a bass and drum rumble that can often shake the foundations. Along similar lines to Bismuth and Slow Plague, Alex and Paul have created a fantastic beast with just the two of them. Following their ep releases Judas Ghoat and Galactic Hiss, this is their first album release on Ritual Productions, joining the ranks of 11 Paranoias and Bong amongst others, which is a good home for them as their sound is more than just doom or sludge as they create a sound and experience that is larger than just the tunes themselves.

With elements of free jazz sonic exploration, drone, grind and doom Ghold start off the album with some heavy riffs on ‘Saw the Falling’, building slowly with simple drum beats and feedback before Alex’s yearning, desperate vocals pepper the soundscape. The silence of the gaps are important pauses in this creation. And when the krrangs of bass and drum beats increase to mid-tempo we begin to feel the fuller force of this aural assault. ‘All Eyes Broke’ starts with a more conventional sound, along with Alex’s lead vocals, with Paul backing up whilst on drums, and a guitar is not required whereas sometimes my head wants to bring in a higher sweeter guitar sound to balance the thunderous bass.

The vocals become a whisper during this track, and the bass even gets a little funky, playing along with the drum beats, my shoulders start an odd kind of strut!! But the strut is short-lived as the intense power of this duo is played out during ‘Pursed’ – a gnarly, crusty heavy as you like power statement that gets my head banging along. ‘Odic Force’ is an 11 minute journey from staccato introduction in to a slow burning circle of Hell where the torture never ends…… and a tenor sax joins the fun!

From its browns and blacks of the abstract cover to the constant rumble this album creates another bleak and hopeless soundscape. This is a disgusting album, something from a Hieronymus Bosch dream, and I agree with Terrorizer magazine that they are one to watch this year!

Label: Ritual Productions
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 03/16/2015
Band info: Facebook

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