Furia Księżyc milczy luty

Furia - Ksiezyc milczy luty album coverThis surprised me, really got me on the back foot.

Furia come from Poland, and along with the cover, the name, the Polish pedigree I really expected something horrifically black metal, cold, barren wastelands of sound played out. Instead, this is very technically layered piece.

Kicking off with some relaxed jazz style drumming and little hints at guitar before developing a kosmiche rock full on barrage all within a 6 minute “Za ćmą, w dym” opener.

This us their fifth full length, yes fifth, and I have to admit living under a rock whilst their first four albums came out! Furia term their work as ‘Nekrofolk’ and I would love to see these guys play at the Black Tor Gathering in the high hills of northern England. I feel they would complement the surroundings well.

The music continues with this easy going deep spoken word vocal accompanied by thoughtful mood inspiring drums and guitars. Maybe it continues like this too long, and just as I think that we get an electric, or should that be eclectic shock of POWERRRR to wake me up and keep my attention.

Furia, it says here, are one of the most influential black metal bands in Poland and that doesn’t surprise me as their sound is so varied but consistent in its honesty, competency and its fluency. The sound cascades over me like a waterfall.

I don’t understand the lyrics as I only speak English I am afraid, but this really doesn’t taint my listening pleasure as the emotive vocal conveys feelings I can pick up whilst accompanied by the music. An absolute eye opener for me I have to say!

“Zabieraj łapska” breaks down in to syncopated style drumming jazz introductions whilst the remaining three quarters of Furia tease us with blasts and echoes of what is to come, and I will let you explore that yourselves.

• • • • •