Frank’s Guide to Power Metal, Part V: Progressive


Well, here we are. The final installment of my Guide to Power Metal. I want to thank you all for reading and supporting my posts these past few weeks. A very special thanks goes to Ken and Inhale The Heavy for allowing me the platform to share these. For the final chapter of this journey, I want to dive into the fastest growing and strongest forms of Power Metal. It shares the complexities of another genre to form a powerful style.

Part V: Progressive

Over the past few years, Progressive Power Metal has made its mark on this specific genre. While a traditional Power Metal sound has a simple approach, this style adds the technical sound that progressive metal incorporates. Mixing a melody-driven, complex music style, these two genre a work incredibly well together. Sometimes they work so well you don’t know which genre they fall into. My answer to that is…both. Hey, why not?

Two of the more popular Progressive Power Metal bands are Pagan’s Mind and Wuthering Heights. Both bands started in the late ’90s and really galvanized the sub-genre’s movement. A technical, complex approach mixed with a great melody and fictional, fantasy lyrical content, they broke the mold of generic Power Metal and has attracted more fans of other styles. Although they weren’t the first bands, I feel they are two of the more important ones to bring Progressive Power Metal to the forefront, along with Labÿrinth.

One of the best Progressive Power Metal albums of 2015 came from a band who normally plays a traditional Power Metal style. In March of last year Judicator released their third album At The Expense Of Humanity. Lyrically, it told the true story of dealing with a family member dying of cancer, and the internal and external situations that go along with it. In my personal opinion, the only way to pull this off musically is to add a progressive approach, which they did. It turned out to be one of the most emotional and powerful albums the Metal genre can ever hear. Emotional story + progressive complexity + melody = near perfect tunes.

As the years go by Progressive Power Metal becomes more and more prevalent in this sub-genre. Bands like, Nightmare World, Chaos Frame, Silent Force and Disforia have added the progressive element which gives the genre more skill and, let’s face it, more respectability. It also keeps the heart of Power Metal still intact. Whenever I hear bands like these I always wonder if the belong in Power or Progressive Metal. Then I just listen and the thought leaves my mind, because the tunes are so damn good.

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