Frank’s Guide to Power Metal, Part I: European


Have you ever wondered what kind of Power Metal is right for you?

No? Oh…well…pretend you have.

Like many other metal genres, not all Power Metal is the same. There are many different bands that vary in sound, style and cheesiness. No worries; I am here to help you (as much as one average fan can).

I have narrowed it down to five sub-genres of Power Metal.

Power Metal, Part I: Europe

The European style of Power Metal is the most recognizable in the metal community. The music is filled with melody, high-sounding vocals and fantastical lyrics and imagery. It is also considered the sound that started Power Metal. Helloween is known as the first band (or one of the first) to take on the European sound with the Keeper of the Seven Keys albums.

Since then bands like Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray, Freedom Call, Edguy, and countless others have answered the call of European Power Metal. The one band that has taken it to new heights over the past 15 years is HammerFall. With such albums as Glory to the Brave, Legacy of Kings and Crimson Thunder, HammerFall put a major stamp on Power Metal. This style has expanded beyond Europe. Japan’s Galneryus and Brazil’s Angra are examples of This style.

European Power Metal is the most popular form of the genre. It’s also the most goofed on (comes with the territory, naturally). When people hear the words “Power Metal” they identify it with this style. Europe started the genre, and from there, grew into many other styles.

Until next time. #HAIL

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