Forward Unto Dawn: Alpha

Forward Unto Dawn - Alpha album cover Label: Independent
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 04/07/2015
Band info: Facebook

I wouldn’t normally go for ‘progressive metal’ as it’s normally sounding way too clean for my personal taste. However, Forward Unto Dawn from Nova Scotia, Canada aren’t too sparkly clean…. And I don’t mean to pass comment on their personal hygiene, more their sonic stance. The vocals are of a growly nature, and it worried me that it would turn all ‘US Muscle-metal’ on me, a sound that seems popular in the mainstream these days. But these guys create a healthy apocalyptic sound, with urgent feverish guitar sounds that make me feel the End really is Nigh. I am sure this would work better as the Mad Max soundtrack instead of whatever they have chosen.

It’s quite discordant at times, and at others it has a rhythmic Megadeth style guitar work, which helps with its angular progressive tone changes. Lots of unexpected left turns, which keeps the listener interested, but not spinning in confusion like some who use the ‘prog’ term.

‘Concord and Dissolution’ would sit merrily on a post hardcore album, as would many songs here. It does seem to be a workable hybrid between Megadeth and Sick of it All style hardcore. And my stand out track, ‘The Nature of Existence’ is a great example of where all the styles come together. And ‘Synthrospect’ a short spate of noodling demonstrates the bands ability to lay back in the sun and drift away, although this is a short-lived day dream until Din starts a-growlin’ and a-screamin’ on ‘State of Dulality’. If you’re in to Dream Theater et al, I guess you might dig this. I would have never listened to this if it wasn’t sent to me, and I am presently surprised. It is multi-layered, but not at the expense of depth, honesty and integrity.

• • • • •