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Folkvanger Records

Folkvanrgr Records are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with.

ChiralGazing Light Eternity

Chiral - Gazing Light Eternally

Gazing Light Eternity by Chiral is a slow burning atmospheric black metal piece by Italian one man outfit. Mixing the majestic Wolves in the Throne Room sprawling sound with tight Burzumic pounding and lead guitars that elevate the sound that much higher than organic howling black metal. Folkvangr are releasing this on a strictly limited cassette run which includes an additional track.

There’s something rather cosmic and kosmiche about the tunes, “The Haze” certainly is a trippy keyboard piece interlaid with dialogue, as if I am listening in to a conversation that I am not privy to. “The Crown” returns the guitar to the driving seat, as I feel I am wandering lost in a dark, cold forest. Chiral balance the ambience and the fierce, the beauty and the danger to an organic orgiastic effect.

Sovereign - Spirit Warfare

SovereignSpirit Warfare: Demo MMXVII

American black metallers Sovereign are releasing Spirit Warfare on cassette coinciding with recent US tour. I can’t quite get in to this cassette revival myself, but I am not here to question marketing ploys or collectability limited editions. I am here to discuss the music, and this is harsh! Fast, noisy, near chaotic drumming drives this along with a pace where the guitars have to race to keep up! These guys are not happy, evident with titles such as “Hammer of Fevered Light” the music erupts and explodes as the vocals rip and scream over the top.

This is a short three track demo, and the last piece sounds more like an outro. Short, sharp, intense and to the point. Spirit Warfare holds no punches and is quite different from Chiral in its aural assault.

Varmia - Z Mar Twych

VarmiaZ Mar Twych

Varmia, coming from Poland, deliver a fantastic slab of slower paced black metal, and for all you tape heads out there is released on red casing with white lettering and only 100 hand numbered copies. This album really gets my juices flowing, with such a well-balanced piece of energy, guts, power, pomp, and emotion. I can’t fault this at all, it is text book extreme metal, with opening “Swit” a gentle introduction piece breaking in to the crashing cacophony that is to follow, eight more tracks of rasping vocals, plus balancing backing vocal at times, solid drumming that isn’t just a beat keeper as it at times comes forward to lead the track as we see midway through “Ptak” or excursions in to dual vocal exercises in “Gorej” and finishing with their magnum opus track “In Tenebris” bringing all aspects together.

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