Feign - Atlas album cover Feign, a one band outfit from the USA sounds words away from Useless, from where I have just come from. A cleaner, punchier sound drawing from black, blackened gaze, death and thrash at times to create a piece bordering on cosmic technology.

It reminds me of Nocturnus in the way it’s crisp sound cuts the air, and the guitar sound really draws from even early Metallica in my humble opinion! Where some bands like Twilight Fauna take you to deep forests or Scandinavians take you to windswept mountain tops, and Useless take you to the darkest depths of your psyche, Feign seem to help me explore other inner worlds with their inner gaze.

Maybe it’s this clean sound that gives me a sci-fi feel, and hence my cosmic thoughts.

This follows on from their well-received demo Into the Void, which was also put out by Into the Night Records a few years ago, and this now sees them release their debut full length. As the album develops we are peppered with moments of bliss, such as “Haven on the Sky” and “Stargazer,” which act as either respite, or introductions in to the following tranche of heavy duty power.

On the set closer, and title track, Atlas weighs in at 12 minutes and is an absolute opus! It has the powerful music, the scathing vocal as well as periods of calming beauty as elements of shoegaze hold it all together. For a one man outfit I have enjoyed the album, like a rocket ship burning its way through the cosmos.

Atlas was released July 29th on CD with the tease at special editions as a possibility.

Date Released: 07/29/2016
Label: Into The Night Records
Album Type: Full Length
Album info: Bandcamp

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