FAM: Human Cargo & Negative Thought Process: Methylene Butterfly

FAM - Human Cargo album coverThis summer has seen a crop of terrific d-beat and grindcore releases. And in the true tradition of the wedding season here we have something old and something new, with FAM who have been going a handful of years, and of course due to the speed they play its like cat years, and they are long in the tooth in grindcore years, alongside Negative Thought Process who are just starting out with this their debut.

FAM are a brutal Polish grind band who do remind me of those early albums by Napalm Death and Carcass. Its that deep end rumble of the grindcrusher that is so excellently evidenced here. And Human Cargo is their new album, released on Deformeathing Productions on September 3rd, 2016. The album cover is so 1990s, a gas mask with soldier’s tin helmet and the main nose area is made of a human in fetal position. It reminds me of those busy Napalm Death covers like Enslavement, or Mentally Murdered.

And musically? Well, tracks are one to three minutes long, blasting forth their layered 3D texture assault, with super fast drumming and that churning bass and guitar I could be forgiven for thinking its Shane Embury powerhouse. “Bukowski,” not only a great writer but is also a belter of a one minute track, followed by “epic” three whole minutes of “Belt” which even toys with the idea of guitar leads. But not for long. Surprise finisher is a cover of My Dying Bride’s “All Swept Away.”

The band has already released an official video for their first single “Junkie”, which you can stream at this location: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBOZwvRDozw


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Negative Thought Process - Methylene Buterfly album cover

Negative Thought Process are a side line for Victorian Whore Dogs man Daniel and ex Strike Offensive Kyle. This differs from FAM as it is more introspective and draws you in, no drags you in, down in a spiral of negativity and despair. The album Methylene Butterfly reflects experiences of drug use and horrors of addiction.

This two piece take the lead from the modern power violence sounds as opposed to the old school grind notes of FAM. And where I suggested FAM had a 3D sound, Negative Thought Process have a more 2D sound, much rawer and less textured. This enables the band to promote the bleakness required for the subject matter. And it isn’t easy listening, musically or content wise “Gutter Junkie,” “Sewing the Wound” and “My Parasite” don’t need much explanation. Addiction is an horrific all consuming thing, and this album illustrates some of that claustrophobic feeling of despair.

Set closer “Rupture/Rapture” is an awful thing to consider, and is an aural barrage assaulting my ears, but the vocal angst sums up the whole album’s sentiment leaving us with a outgoing howl.

The band has already released a lyric video for the track “Masocutter” which can be streamed at this location: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCR3STUM_og

Purchase Methylene Butterfly here: https://negativethoughtprocess.bandcamp.com/album/methylene-butterfly

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