False Gods: Wasteland

False Gods - Wasteland Date Released: 04/22/2016
Label: Independent
Album Type: EP
Band info: Facebook

This should really appeal to readers of Inhale the Heavy, a New York heavy weight sludge band FALSE GODS are due to release their debut EP Wasteland on April 22nd 2016.

Recorded at the back-end of 2015 with Joe Cincotta at the Full Force studios in New York, the power really comes across. Joe has worked with Suffocation in the past, and this EP is no less powerful, just not in a suffocating death metal style.

The evolution of the doom subgenre is in interesting one, as on one side you had, for example, Sabbath, Pentagram and Trouble, very heavily ‘metal’ focussed, then you had amongst others The Obsessed and COC that came from the more hardcore world. And False Gods evidence this through the history lesson of their influences which can be heard here; Crowbar and that NOLA sound, the pain of EHG, the rumble of metal pedigree Sabbath drums alongside the disaffected disdain of crust-core Amebix and Discharge.

The band haven’t been going long, so this is a pretty solid debut release of 5 minute self-contained sludge doom, worthy of a listen. “Wasteland” creates a good pounding, enough to get the juices flowing, well, the head a nodding anyway while set closer “I Can See You for What You Truly Are” is a slow burner, and I can’t get this war reporting dispatch image from my head, like the fall of Saigon, or any number of modern-day troubles, this is the soundtrack!

False Gods have a Bandcamp page, but as of this review it is blank.

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