Exmordium – Into the Sepulchral Spectrum Review

Exmordium - Into the Sepulchral Spectrum

Life gets in the way at times, and due to the sad loss of Andrew Rehberger of Tridroid Records in 2016 this album got lost under the weight of everything, however it is now seeing the light of day as the first of the ‘Lost Releases’ and is now given a full and fair release in July 2017.

Starting off with a ‘Pinball Wizard’ style acoustic guitar intro you may be fooled in to expecting a gentle ride, oh no, as “Portals Beyond the Imprisonment of Time” launches in to ferocious black metal style fury. This is balanced by some thrash breakdowns and more very soothing gentle guitar interludes.

This album is expertly conceived and delivered, encompassing the wide variety of the duo’s abilities. Evan French and Evan Page came together in 2011, and after a few demos this EP was recorded in 2015 and has laid hidden under sands of time. With this EP one can hear the very souls of both Evans coming out, the very essence of the Evans, maybe they could change their band name to… oh hang on, it’s been taken!

There’s wipe out screams, other worldly demonic vocals, buzzing blackened guitar work and fantastic tempo changes throughout this EP. If it was out in the late 80s I would have opened up and swallowed whole, and consumed and BE consumed by as it covers all bases, ticks many boxes and is well due its release.

With a dedication to Andrew’s memory and proceeds of this going to Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital (a cause close to Andrew’s heart) this is a worthy release and a worthy cause. Christine Kelly has found a hidden gem at Tridroid Records so please do explore this!

The album will be officially released by Tridroid Records on July 7th 2017.

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