Streamed: Dead Register “Fiber”

Dead Register
Dead Register (L-R) Avril Che, Chad Williams, M. Chvasta

We are delighted to bring you a stream of Dead Register‘s new track “Fiber.” The song is taken from the band’s forthcoming debut full-length of the same name, out May 6th via their own AVR Records.

The band describes the lyrical concept of the album:

“Centered around the dynamics of human relationships, particularly those of love and loss”, while further defining the album title as “1. The fine elements woven together in the crafting of compositions. 2. The effects of the bass on the bowels.”

About Dead Register

Dead Register is a genre-bending, monolithic, gothic-tinged, gloomy, melodic, “doom-gaze” band based in Atlanta, Georgia. In late 2013, M. Chvasta (vocals, bass, bass vi) recruited his wife, Avril Che for her bass synth, textures, keys, and background vocal accompaniment. Skeletons of mechanical songs were created with programmed beats, which were replaced in 2014 by the refined drumming of Chad Williams. After a year of writing and fine-tuning a sizable catalog of songs on stage, the band collectively chose six favorites for their first full-length album, Fiber.

Fiber is available for pre-order (digital/CD/cassette) from Dead Register’s Bandcamp page.

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