Song Premiere: Volunteer “Dainty Hoof”

Volunteer band

We are delighted to premiere the song “Dainty Hoof,” a raging new track from Milwaukee’s Volunteer.

The song is taken from the band’s forthcoming split 12″ with Minnesota’s Buildings.

About Volunteer
Since the release of the Goner EP in 2014, Volunteer has evolved. With the addition of Kevin DeMars on drums and former drummer Mark Sheppard moving to guitar, Volunteer is at its strongest in 2016. Their side of the split finds them at their angriest and most aggressive, with bigger guitars, tighter rhythms and furious vocals. Volunteer’s side will certainly please fans of Unsane, Today is the Day and Strap it On-era Helmet.

About Buildings
Buildings make their Triple Eye Industries debut with their three offerings on the split. Much like Volunteer, Buildings have also experienced a slight lineup change with the recent addition of bassist Mike Baillie. Their side of the split contains the band’s best material to date, while showcasing what the band does best: Pushing the sonic boundaries of what a trio can create. The songs contained here are as hectic as they are sparse and don’t let up from start to finish. Noisy and chaotic, Buildings’ is recommended for fans of Young Widows, Metz and Harkonen

With a release date set for August 26, you can preorder the release now on clear with blue splatter, opaque yellow or traditional black colored vinyl. Get it before its gone. Pre-order the split here.

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