Entropia: Ufonaut

Entropia - Ufonaut album cover Date Released: 02/15/2016
Label: Arachnophobia Records
Album Type: Full length
Album info: Bandcamp

Psychedelic black metal – this is what Robert Fripp’s nightmares sound like. And Entropia have been able to translate Robert’s mind waves in to musical form. This five piece Polish band have followed up their 2013 album with an original album drawing on black metal, post rock, prog, psyche out wig-fests as well as standard noise and wall of sound shoegaze.

It never ceases to change tempo and instrumentation, keeping the angular Crimson King safely on his throne, as they pay their tribute with the opening track “Fractal”. I mean you can’t get more Prog than calling your track “Fractal” can you?! Moving on to “Samsara” and “Ufonaut” we get to experience the darker, blacker metal sounds with hints of synths piercing the barrage. But wait, three minutes in and we get some really weird breakdowns and discordant guitar work, before a “well funky” drum beat sees us to the end. I didn’t expect that, but again, how much more prog? None more prog!!

I can’t see myself listening to this again as it has worn me out! It’s very punchy, very angular and spiky, and although it claims to be hypnotic, I don’t get entranced by it, however it is rather refreshing, and I can see people encouraged by their sounds. So go and explore yourself:

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