Eight Bells: Landless

Short review of Eight Bell’s Landless was originally written for About Heavy Metal.

Eight Bells - Landless album cover Date Released: 02/12/2016
Label: Battleground Records
Album Type: Full Length
Album info: Bandcamp

Landless is the second release from Eight Bells, an experimental trio hailing from Portland, Oregon. Eight Bells juggle elements of post metal and progressive rock, and combine them effortlessly with blackened undertones.

Unlike their previous release, 2013s The Captain’s Daughter, which contained minimal vocals, Landless contains solo vocals and beautiful harmonies on all five tracks. These vocal duties are shared by guitarist Melynda Jackson and bassist Haley Westeiner.

Landless is structured pretty much the same as The Captain’s Daughter. One short song, a couple of six to eight minute songs, and then an epic, melodic and dark 12 minute plus title track. Hey, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Rae Amitay (Immortal Bird/Thrawsunblat) plays drums on this amazing record and is currently touring with the band. Standout tracks include the hypnotic “Hold My Breath” and the haunting “Touch Me.”

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