Earthmass: Collpase

Earthmass - Collapse album coverSeeing your name on the credits is always a boon, and reminds me of my mid 90s days when I was more active, but now I am a couch slacktivist, and crowd-funding is a great invention.

Earthmass used this method for this release, and after a stalled attempt it worked. Earthmass are a mostly instrumental space rocking psyche dooming beast of a band. On stage they plug-in, tune in and turn inward as they take you on their trip like true jazzers. Heavy pounding bass, twin guitar greet us early on in opener ‘Awake/Crisis’, which cuts swiftly in to bowm ba-baowming bass with ‘off mic’ vocals on Divergence.

It could be post rock, it could be doom, heavy cosmic rock, all I know is that it is a huge sound that fills the room, and blasts you about. They couldn’t have chosen a better name. I close my eyes and see enormous planet sized lumps rock tumbling through endless space. I can’t recommend them enough to you, one of my favourites of the local London scene.

The crowd funding included a variety of special elements, I went for a t-shirt and cd, you can now get vinyl, you could have pledged and in return they play in a place of your choosing, I quite like my neighbours and didn’t want them draining the power from South London with them jamming and shaking the foundations!

If you do want to annoy your neighbours play the second half of the 4 track album, ‘Weakling’ and ‘Loom’ are brooding slow burning pieces and the pay offs are worth the wait.

Label: Independent
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 02/02/2015
Band info: Facebook

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