Diatonic: Hidden Pieces

Diatonic - Hidden Pieces album cover Date Released: 11/20/2015
Label: Into The Night Records
Album Type: Full Length
Band Info: Bandcamp

I hear a lot of “extreme” metal these days and there is such a lot of rubbish out there. And then along comes Diatonic, who make me listen and take notice. This is a solo project of Swedish gent Joakim Antman, and death metal does seem to run in the veins of Swedes. What I like about this is the “death ‘n’ roll” style somewhat akin to Bolt Thrower.

I’m getting too old for that full on brutality of some death metal, however this delivers a medium paced affair with not only interesting tempo changes but also tonal differentiation and the confidence to handle gentle pieces such as “Led By The Mind” which has a well thought introduction. And that’s maybe how I feel about this able, it has been well planned, thought about and executed. When I was young I just went for the wall of sound intensity, but as I have aged and become a pompous connoisseur I need something more to keep my attention. And Diatonic manages this well, as I have listened to this daily for a week – which is unheard of!

“The Cure of Suffering” includes some jocular guitar interplay using stereo effects which extends my sense of Joakim’s maturity – I did say I was pompous. My only criticism is that is sounds too clean and polished, and I always like my disgusting music to sound dirty and disgusting!

Hidden Pieces has been around digitally for about eighteen months, but now it will see a physical release courtesy of Into the Night Records as a precursor for a new album in 2016.

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