Dhampyr: Oceanclots

Dhampyr - Oceanclots album coverOpening with some finger plucking guitar and discordant background noises this is the new release from two piece lo-fi depressive black metal band Dhampyr.

It is mostly a two piece with a couple of add-on session vocalists. Not long and we are introduced to the crashing cymbals, buzzing guitar and harsh vocals. The breakdowns into psychedelic guitar give it some balance creating the intended atmosphere, and the barrage of guitar, cymbals and screams put up an impenetrable wall of sound.

There are some incredible track titles here; ‘This Nirvana of Tangled Bullets’, ‘A Cholera Meditation for Scylla’ ‘Waltz of the Salivating Avalanche’ but this is more than a standard black metal album, it is a coming together of depressive, downer low-key, lo-fi sounds, with psychedelic undertones and spectral nuances. There’s not too much vocal here, which suits this release, and the rise and fall of ‘Dissipate, My Beloved’ keeps the track moving along and includes some psyche out guitar that would feel at home in any Small Stone Records album!

‘This Nirvana..’ sounds more like a standard BM track, tortured vocals towards the back and yearning, searching guitar at the front, and the fade out is rather splendid with picking guitar notes. Leading in to an ocean of sound that starts ‘A Cholera…’ which is a real ambient exploration with lots of shoegazing effects. However the themes of this album are bleak; very personal loss, mental illness, overdose, haunting memories and a pining for a ‘Technicolor past’. These middle tracks err on the more sound scape bleak ambient, bookended with faster chaotic pieces at the start, and finishing with slower more rhythmic pieces. The last track ‘Sea-Eclogue For Genevieve’ easily strays in to Slowdive/My Bloody Valentine territory. Is this a personal journey through loss and grief?

This sense of personal loss and how grief can disconnect one is summed up in the track title ‘What Blessed Springs pass me by’ it seems to capture the way in which one can be all consumed in grief and loss and completely miss out on current passing moments.

Label: Acephale Winter Productions
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 03/10/2015
Band info: Facebook

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