Death of Kings – Kneel Before None Review

Death of Kings - Kneel Before None


Not so new boys on the block, Regicidal Tendencies, I mean Death of Kings are due to bring forth Kneel Before None and let it loose on the world. Thrash, what an adrenalin rush… and the opening track “Shadow of the Reaper” opens with some trademark thrash notes, double barrelled guitar interplay and screaming vocals. Only a few months after they released the Hell Comes to Life 7” we have the follow up LP, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Seeing the light of day on June 2nd 2017, and this will open a summer of thrashing madness – as summer is thrash season. From my days of youth, I will remember hanging about on street corners in basketball hi-top boots and tight ripped jeans. And this recreates that excitement of thirty years ago when I first heard the original thrashers. “Regicidal” is a riff-ride of helter-skelter proportions, as the finger picking takes us up and down and side to side. Whereas “Descent in to Madness” opens with a slower Anthrax style moshing monster but it finishes on an almighty gallop with sonic speed shredding that leaves me wasted on the floor.

“Plague (Upon the World)” has a totally different guitar sound, deeper, lower down, and the vocals are a little more strained, with rolling drums making it just that little more menacing.

Listening to this, a thought came over me, if Van Halen were a thrash band, they would have been Death of Kings!

“Too Fast for Blood” – This makes me want to get in a car, I want to drive FAST!

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