Death of Kings – Hell Comes to Life (single) Review

Death of Kings - Hell Comes to Life

I am late to the party, but a friend gave me Mustaine: A Life in Metal which was a terrific read, and made me feel 15 again in the summers of the late 80s.

And to cap it all, Death of Kings come along with a top crossover thrash single to be the soundtrack to my imaginary salad days reverie! Hailing from Atlanta, these guys pack a punch, no holds barred full on no messing thrash. With some traditional reference points for sonic boom speed shredding lead guitar solos and power holocaust vocal screams.

This is a taster of the coming long player Kneel Before None later this year, and the vinyl will be a limited edition release, which I will miss out on I am sure, and I couldn’t face the import charges for bringing it over to Old Blighty. But any of you who can afford it, get on this as soon as you can, it will be released on March 31st, and will not disappoint closet old timer thrashers or the neo-wavers that missed it first time round but have youth on their side.

Bitter? Me? Well, make up your own mind when you listen to the pent up angst ridden speed of Death of Kings with their duo of tracks riffing on a theme of ‘Hell’ – we have “Hell Comes to Life” followed by “Hell Patrol” which is their third EP since forming in 2009 and during that time have graced stages with Morbid Angel and DRI amongst others, and the nights with DRI must have been something special, you can hear a DRI influence on the opening guitar riffs.

Thrash was once KING. And those kings may have died, or their light faded. As King Arthur states he is the ‘once and future king’ – thrash has its future kings here – pity they chose the name they did really.

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