Dead Register: Fiber

Dead Register - Fiber album cover Date Released: 05/06/2016
Label: AVR Records
Album Type: Full Length
Album info: Bandcamp

Dead Register’s sound is a crushing grunge sound, with the moodiness of the more insular shoe gazers, and say, the power of Soundgarden. It really harks back to those hedonistic summer days of the 90s when this sound was King.

Atlanta’s three piece Dead Register are due to release their debut album, Fiber, on their own AVR label on May 6th 2016, and they have been causing a bit of a stir in their own neck of the woods. So this album does deserve some attention.

Album opener “Alone” sets out the atmosphere well with a slow guitar intro followed by crash of drums and full band accompaniment. With a track title like “Alone,” we know straight away the sentiments of the band and this albums story. The vocals are gloomy, to accompany the chugging bass end sound. At times it’s like English goth rock band Fields of the Nephilim, but without the Karl McCoy vocal style.

The tracks “Fiber” and “Grave” add enough meat to the bones to keep the attention of the heavier listener, but generally I would see this sitting well with the alternative crowd.

Their band bio mentions the title “Fiber” being the effects off the bass on the bowels. If you want to experience bass effects on the bowels, I sincerely ask that you listen to Bismuth!

While Fiber doesn’t drop until May 6th, you can listen to three songs from Dead Register’s TRVNS BLVK (demo) which came out in 2014. One of the songs, “Alone,” appears on Fiber.

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