Dead Existence: Endless Misery

Dead Existence - Endless Misery album cover Date Released: 04/04/2015
Label: Black Bow Records
Album Type: Full
Band info: Website

I have just listened to the new Kusanagi album, and this is now the Yin, (or maybe the Yang) to counter act. The other side of the coin. And this coin in particular has been lying in a fetid gutter for many a month! Dead Existence are a power house of grinding sludge. They approach from a grindcore Napalm Death stance, but slow it riiiiight down. So instead of the speed and power launching you across the floor, Dead Existence ensure you feel every punch and kick they throw at you. ‘Consume’ sets out their stall on the outset, they’ve told me I am a leech and I don’t matter. So at least I know where I stand!

This is unsurprisingly a dark, hopeless, angry sounding album, full of disdain and scorn towards modern life, or just human life in general and it is magnificent! These five guys from London create a depressing, yet awe-inspiring sound of misanthropic hardcore, sludge and doom. A barrage of grinding low-end noise, yet pleasing to the ear. “Worthless” opens with a black metal style strung out vain guitar sound until it is joined with drums and crashing cymbals – it’s funny how the metal scene fragmented and has then started to entwine again, seeing D-Beat fans digging Celtic Frost is heart-warming!

So even though Dead Existence are telling me how awful I am as a human being, I am miserable and worthless, I am more than willing to pay good money to listen to them and see them play live!

• • • • •