Cover Art: Surachai – To No Avail

Surachai - To No Avail cover art

About the Artist

Sarah Sitkin is a Los Angeles based artist. Her sculptural works are made in wide variety of media including but not limited to silicone clay, plaster, resin, and latex.

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Interview with Sarah Sitkin about To No Avail artwork

About the Music

Surachai’s repertoire pivots from full ensemble black metal outfits to solo synthesizer explorations that have an avant garde fearlessness. A professional sound designer, mixer, and location audio engineer, the Chicago-based musician and producer brings a technical expertise to a curious artistic output that makes every upcoming release unpredictable.

About the Author

Ken Kopija
I'm a sarcastic, black coffee drinking curmudgeon who is an avid collector of vinyl and tapes. I created Inhale the Heavy because I care about the music coming out of your speakers.

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