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General Inquiries

ken [at] inhaletheheavy [dot] com


Send us your music, preferably as a properly tracked digital download with associated artwork and bio. Submit it to reviews [at] inhaletheheavy [dot] com.

For all bands and artists releasing physical media, we do have a mailing address. We love vinyl, cassettes, compact discs, stickers, t-shirts and more… but please do not send us a CD-R of your demo. Just point us to the files online.

Inhale the Heavy
635 Joy Court
Marengo, IL 60152

About Inhale the Heavy

Inhale the Heavy was conceived and developed in 2012 by an old, black coffee drinking curmudgeon named Ken as a means to help lesser-known bands and musicians gain increased exposure. Nothing is more satisfying to him than sharing the music he loves, and hearing that a review or a tweet resulted in a new fan for a deserving artist.

During the last five years, Inhale the Heavy has grown to feature a multitude of guest writers, and boasts a handful of talented writers that live on three different continents.

Unlike most music blogs, Inhale the Heavy will only publish positive reviews. This may seem supercilious, but it is not Ken’s wish to trash a band or artist that he may simply not understand.

Sometimes fast. Sometimes slow. Always goddamn loud!