Codas: Currents

Codas - Currents album cover Label: Crowquill Records
Album Type: EP
Date Released: 06/02/2015
Band info: Facebook

I find this a quite suffocating sound. Mario Quintero started Codas as a one man side project whilst in Sleep Lady. It doesn’t help that there is a sound on “The Sun Martyr” that sounds like harsh, rasping breathing. And it make me uncomfortable. There’s pounding drums, regulated guitar sounds, which I guess is math rock style in its planning and execution.

It reminds me of the industrial stuff I listened to in the early 90s, but this is cleaner, more clinical, much more contained and formulated.

Track 2, “Follow the Blind” starts with some guitar that offers a higher tone than the previous track, although this too is contained by pounding drums and smashing cymbals, then it gets all a bit proggy with angular and funky bass sounds, only to be then trumped by frenetic black metal style guitar attack.

“White Black”, now there’s post-industrial, proggy title if ever there was one! This keeps up the speed of before, and is the least oppressive so far, dropping down a gear halfway through to some groove laden stomp, finishing with glitchy feedback which opens in to the 13 minutes title track ticking with electro noises and waves of dirty white noise. This finale is far more ambient than the rest, with discordant guitar bringing it all down towards the nearing end, but oh no, the drums are up again with machine gun reports punctuating the slowly calming chiming guitar. But I am left feeling disconnected, disjointed, and I need something more organic to redress the balance.

If you fancy being sonically smothered check them out.

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