Clan: Witchcraft

Clan - Witchcraft album coverLabel: Independent
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 08/01/2014
Band info: Facebook

There is a distinct 70s blues, downer rock feel to this. From all sorts of hairy influences; Dust, Pentagram, Leafhound and wood paneled rooms in old castles. And on the table of said room is an open bottle of whiskey which is ding the rounds. These vocals have a liquored sound to them. Clan are from Norwich, a town in that East Anglia area of the UK again. What is it with that area? What’s in the water? This album has been available digitally for a year, and now sees the light of day as a proper vinyl release. “First Step” has some beautifully fuzzy guitar playing joyfully alongside a cheeky drum raps. I want to think of this power trio wearing tight bleached flared jeans and suede leather jackets with arm tassels… don’t spoil it for me.

“War Paint” is the moodiest of the tunes here. Again, some terrific head spinning geetar with a drummer who keeps it tight together, and that makes way for a laid back boogie groove of “Life to Death” – something akin sound wise to Gentleman’s Pistols. And I remember hearing this on the Metal Hammer magazine cover mounted CD ‘Sons of Sabbath’ a few years back, so I am really glad to see them getting to the point of releasing their LP on vinyl on Kozmik Artifactz . It reminds me of the first time I saw and heard the band Witchcraft as I was blown away by their simple vintage but done oh so well. And Clan are in that same bracket, it seems unforced, just natural. It somehow seems unbelievable that this is made in 2014, not 1974 – but if I find out they have an actual time machine I shall be having words.

“The Aging Wizard” is a tune for sitting in a circle with friends on a lush deep pile carpet, passing round the smokes and the mushroom tea, nodding and contemplating each others flared jeans width, well, that’s just my opinion of course!

The closer is an immense track, “The Death of Witchcraft” which is a gentle pastoral rock tune that would easily sit well on an early Camel or maybe even Spinal Tap as the piano chords do sound like they intertwine simply like Mozart of Bach, or somewhere in the middle. Mach.

On that note, I’ll get me coat!

• • • • •