Cetacean: Breach | Submerge

Cetacean - Breach | Submerge album cover Date Released: 01/29/2016
Label: Apes Who Looked Up Records
Album Type: Full Length
Album info: Bandcamp

A progressive blackened metal – this is how they are described, so I am intrigued. The saxophone is the first surprise, not necessarily within the worlds of “prog,” but I am not au fait with many Norwegian BM bands using the sax. Maybe they missed a trick.

Apes Who Looked Up Records are releasing the vinyl version of Breach | Submerge after a previous CD and digital launch earlier in January 2016. And I see from their biography that Daniel Pouliot from psyche warriors ‘Ancestors’ is playing on this album, and if it is he on drums he does a wizard performance on the opener “Earth is a Whisper,” once the sax has passed that is. It isn’t an easy listen in my book, a challenging angular progressive piece, maybe similar to Pogavranjen or Entropia (see reviews here) in their outlook and approach.

And I find it refreshing to hear bands such as this pushing boundaries, even if I don’t totally dig it, I am pleased to see that people are constantly exploring and seeking a new sound.

Lots of Pink Floyd tinkling on “Relationships Deteriorate” with an otherworldly guitar effect that makes me question which reality I am currently in, but the vocals jolt me back to the here n’ now as they are of the typical harsh and heavy style. This is a three track journey of over 35 minutes and I am running out of stamina after the first two tracks. Set closer “Outpour I, II, III” is a three-part opus with a far quieter middle section sandwiched between two slabs of what I have heard earlier. I am a bit exhausted by this! I feel like I have been through the mill with Cetacean! Not for the faint hearted!

• • • • •