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Lustre - Still Innocence

Lustre – Still Innocence Review

Opening chords of “Dreaded Still” drench the listener in Slowdive-esque shoegazing effects before tinkly high-end keyboards take a centre stage to try and build an oppressive, misty atmosphere. It’s very gothic, in a

Kult Mogil - Portentaque

Kult Mogił – Portentaque EP Review

Polish death metallers Kult Mogił formed back in 2014, and this EP is a follow up to their debut Anxiety Never Descending LP and I reckon this would go down well with Carcass

Dom Zły

Dom Zły – Dom Zły Review

Translating from Polish to mean “bad house,” I just keep reading their name and thinking of British comedian Dom Jolly and his huge telephone. Only formed in Autumn 2016, Dom Zly have released

Pale Horseman - The Fourth Seal

Pale Horseman – The Fourth Seal Review

Pale Horseman is a four piece from Chicago, and the opening tracks of this new album make me wonder what Metallica may have been like if they didn’t make the Black Album and

Horse Head - Terminal

Horse Head – Terminal Review

I think I reviewed a previous EP within these pages by the fair Horse Head. After a short instrumental introduction, the adrenalin injection hits and like a bad acid trip, you just have

Spook The Horses - People Used To Live Here

Spook The Horses – People Used To Live Here Review

Five of the six band members of Wellington, New Zealand’s Spook The Horses play some form of guitar, two play the drums, two play synths and two handle vocals. Talk about mutual musical

Warhorns Festival 2017

Warhorns Festival 2017 Review

I set out to travel north, leaving the safety of the Citadel of London to venture in to the northern hordes! Well, Selby in Yorkshire to be precise, and what a lovely little