Castle Freak: Human Hive

castle_freak_human_hive_album_cover Date Released: 03/18/2016
Label: Independent
Album Type: EP
Album info: Bandcamp

This is disgusting. What more can I say? Human Hive is the next EP from Castle Freak, five tracks of disgusting death metal interspersed with film dialogue snippets peppering the brutal assault.

It’s a five tracker, but two are re-recordings of older tunes (Sickening Corpses and Toxic Winds) and a cover version, but this isn’t a jazzing up of a standard, where Castle Freak give something a new twist.

No Castle Freak have nailed their colours firmly to their mast and covered “Boneyard” by 90s death metallers Impetigo. Now I remember when Impetigo were about during that 90s wave of death and their use of film clips, so you can see who they are emulating here can’t you.

Castle Freak have been off radar for most of 2015, and this release sees a new member joining the ranks on drum and bass.

• • • • •