Cannibal Accident: Ritual Paprika

Cannibal Accident - Ritual Paprika album cover Date Released: 03/18/2016
Label: Nailjar Records
Album Type: Full Length
Band info: Facebook

This starts as such as tease, slow and low, with sampled vocals over a chugga chugga death grind. And then the full album starts and it’s a ripper of death n gore infused grindcore. They pump out 1 – 2 minute gems of rotten grindcore that isn’t afraid to slow down to the rhythmic groove of the older bands such as Autopsy or the marching mosh of SOD.

These days, I find this scene is getting faster and faster, shorter and shorter, and as the saying goes, “less is more,” Cannibal Accident play with us as they slowly tickle our fancy with some slow mosh parts, or let rip with a venting passion of a tornado holocaust!

The titles are gore infatuated, “Aboa Fetus Grinders,” “You Are Dead… Amen” and the very thoughtful “Zombient Tinnitus” – this is an unexplored area of science, as when people first see zombies they have a propensity to scream as they flee, and as the monsters follow, the poor zombies must hear scream after scream, and this could be said to be a risk of their chosen career as it comes with the territory, yet, zombie tinnitus could be seen as a real Repetitive Strain Injury. Instead of chasing ambulances, I can see lawyers chasing zombies to help them make their claim – Walking Dead meets Ally McBeal!

The album can be purchased at this location.

Check out a lyric video of the track “Trapped in Hiace” below:

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