Call of the Void: Ageless

Call Of The Void - Ageless album coverWhen it comes to talking about a band whose sound is a mix up of too many genres, it is a bit hard to not separate their music into pieces, defining what exactly their music sounds like. But when a band is not trying to make their music sounds so messy and weird, it allows the listener to enjoy the music, as it should be. Boulder, Colorado’s five-piece Call of the Void completely has proven this theory!

Formed in 2010, Call of the Void plays quite an interesting mixture of Hardcore Punk with Sludge Metal and Grindcore. And when it comes to be a Grindcore, for Call of the Void that doesn’t mean the music has to be under a minute long. The band perfectly has merged their Grindcore sound to Hardcore Punk basis, putting it to the songs’ undertones while they are having fun with some chunky sludgy riffs, Hardcore Punk style. Ah! Yes that sounds a bit complicated, in spite of everything I said in the beginning of the review. But let’s see what Call of the Void have done in their sophomore album, a great follow-up to their bone-wrenching debut Dragged Down A Dead End Path, back in 2013.

Call of the Void’s music sounds absolutely thick, chaotic and monstrous. The band have cited “Converge’s hybrid progressive hardcore” and “Mastodon’s technical metal-tinged rock mastery” as their main influences. Converge is absolutely acceptable but Mastodon, I don’t think so! Strong Converge-influenced chaotic tones are quietly happening right there plus some mild but obvious influences from European Grindcore titans such as Nasum and Rotten Sound and godfathers of Grindcore, Napalm Death and Repulsion. Noble mixed-up monster, which prepares some insane mathcore-driven guitar riffs and drums, all merged together, threatens to leave the listeners with smashed faces and bleeding ears.

All five members of Call of the Void are at their finest shape, giving life to the body of this monster with their excessive sweating-blood performance. With the addition of Gabe Morales on this album as the second guitarist, Call of the Void displays the decision to bold their sound both in studio and live gigs, trading riffs and solos between Gabe Morales and his older fellow member, Patrick Alberts. Gordon Koch on drums directs the band’s music, while with fast pacing / mid-pacing controls the genre of the music, from heavy sludgy tunes to chaotic hardcore/grindcore stuff. Steve Vanica’s vocals isn’t as diverse as the music and isn’t going somewhere beyond it, but he delivered something powerful, which is fitted with its standards, even it doesn’t sound fresh and innovative.

This 34 minutes recent effort of Call of the Void contains twelve songs, the shortest one is a minute long focused-on-piano piece “II” and the longest one is the first and the opening song of the album, the four minutes long “Old Hate”, which sees the band open the album with a massive sludgy introduction, shifting it to the impressive grindcore, hardcore stuff. Ageless is one of those rare albums where all the songs are well written and well-played, no filler or boring. But somehow songs like “The Sun Chaser”, “R.I.S.” and “Cold Hands” are delivering more deadly weapons. “R.I.S.” has a music video that can be seen here.

Call of the Void don’t care about what genre their music is categorized in. Grind? Sludge? Hardcore? Or crust? They just believe in what they want to deliver and have fun with it, and with the recent album Ageless, band have clearly reconstructed their music, revisiting their debut album, have shaped its form into a filthier, phenomenal release. Ageless is absolutely one of this years’ best and Relapse Records should be proud of it.

Words by: Arash Khosronejad (@arashkh)

Label: Relapse Records
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 02/10/2015
Band info: Facebook

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