Bong Mountain You’re Doin’ Great (For the Record)

Bong Mountain - Youre Doin Great (For The Record)I had to listen and share this with you purely down to the first track title, the well penned “Pariah Carey.”

Bong Mountain deliver SoCal style punk-lite along the lines of Bad Religion, NOFX and Pennywise. With a harsh toked style vocal, I get the feeling of his frustration at modern life. However, even though they hail from Chicago I still expect to see them playing an open air beach gig on the west coast of America!

But the name did lead me to expect heavier stoner sludge doom. They say that the Grateful Dead came up with their name by randomly choosing names from a dictionary, is there a Book of Heavy Metal words so that I can pick my name?

But regardless of my misunderstanding of their name, bands like this get people through times of angst and open their minds to new thoughts and sounds. So I always have a soft spot. As Sick of it All once sang “Scratch the Surface” and it can open up the mother lode.

So, Bong Mountain have collected demos and early cassette releases and put together a 9 track limited edition vinyl (for the record) on Stonewalled Records. “Symbiosis Midwest” slows the tempo down, but only for a brief moment, and then “Don’t Shred on Me” is back to the mid-tempo punk-o-rama jollification. This is great to listen to at present as London is basking in a heat wave, but I doubt I’d listen in the depths of Decembbbrrrrr!

I like the wordplay, and the appearance they have their tongues in their cheeks and not too serious about stuff.

Closing track “Sydenham” gets my vote for their best musically.

This EP was originally released digitally and on cassette (sold-out) January 23, 2015, and will now be released on neon green vinyl (ltd. 100 copies) through Stonewalled on September 23rd, so get it before the autumn creeps in! Pre-order a copy here.

Date Released: 09/23/2016
Label: Stonewalled
Album Type: Full Length
Album info: Bandcamp

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