BOG: Auguste/Gustave

BOG - Auguste + Gustave album covers Label: Independent
Album Type: EP
Date Released: 09/07/2014 + 04/01/2015
Band info: Facebook

Multi-instrumentalist and all around jack of all trades Tim Primbs is the post-metal entity known as BOG. He has released two EPs under that name within the last year. The Vienna, Austria based musician dropped Gustave back in September of last year, and Auguste this past April.

“Inanimate” kicks things off on Gustave with a slick, chunky riff reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s “One of These Days,” albeit slower and tuned down. Heavy, plodding chords pace and control the song, with one briefly amazing glockenspiel filled interlude. This is only the second time I’ve ever that instrument used in metal, and it was tight. The first was on Porcupine Tree’s “Anesthetize.”

“Nimbus” is a slow burner, accentuated by colossal bass and even bigger drumming. I’m almost positive that Tim had to replace the head on his snare as he beats the shit out of it in this song. Got bass reverb? The intro to “Images” does, and then it segues nicely into eight minutes and nine seconds of escalating progressive post-metal.

Auguste is the less heavy of BOG’s two releases. Don’t get me wrong though. It definitely has its explosive moments. Opening track “The Dead” starts out with a somber riff that trudges along while giving way to mounting bursts of progressive post-metal. “Govern” utilizes that fast, black metal style guitar picking, which when accompanied by a mid tempo beat works extremely well. The closing track “The Living” is the shortest song clocking in right around five minutes. It is also the most aggressive of BOG’s six songs. Put them all together and you get “The dead govern the living.” Clever.

The use of repetitive riffs in music is common play, especially in instrumental post-metal. However, BOG excels by keeping the songs original and non-predictable.

All instruments, mixing & mastering and artwork by Tim Primbs.

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