Best of 2016: Ken’s Long Short List

King Dude - Sex album cover

I enjoyed a lot of really good music this year. Here is an alphabetized list of additional releases that I think require your attention.

Abstracter/Dark CirclesSplit (4/1, Halo of Flies)

AddauraAddaura (10/28, Vendetta Records)

AlaskanE N D (5/6, Independent)

AlcestKodama (9/30, Prophecy)

AnagnorisisPeripeteia (10/21, Vendetta Records)

Baby WoodroseFreedom (9/16, Bad Afro Records)

BaitSunburst (6/6, WOOAAARGH)

BardusStella Porta (4/1, Solar Flare)

Big BusinessCommand Your Weather (7/8, Joyful Noise Recordings)

Black CobraImperium Simulacra (2/26, Season of Mist)

Black TuskPillars of Ash (1/29, Relapse)

BlackwoodAs The World Rots Away (2/12, Independent)

Blood IncantationStarspawn (8/19, Dark Descent)

Boss KeloidHerb Your Enthusiasm (4/8, Black Bow)

Brain TentaclesS/T (9/30, Relapse)

Buildings/VolunteerSplit (8/26, Triple Eye Industries)

ChronaexusOutreach From A Withered Hand (12/12, Transylvanian Tapes)

CokegoatDrugs and Animals (11/25, Independent)

Conan Neutron & The Secret FriendsThe Art of Murder (5/1, Seismic Wave Entertainment)

Controlled BleedingLava Lumps and Baby Bumps (8/26, Artoffact)

Cult of Luna & Julie ChristmasMariner (4/8, Indie Recordings)

Dead RegisterFiber (5/6, AVR)

Dead Wretchfuck it. (6/22, Independent)

Early Graves/RingwormSplit (4/29, Creator-Destructor Records)

Eyes Front North – From Shape To Name (4/8, Argonauta)

FVNERALSWounds (10/14, Golden Antenna Records)

Glorior BelliSundown (The Flock That Welcomes) (5/6, Agonia Records)

GrottoSmokonomicon (10/24, Independent)

Holy MountThe Drought (6/3, Independent)

Iron WitchA Harrowed Dawn (7/22, Secret Law Records)

King DudeSex (10/28, Ván Records)

KurokumaAdvorsus (9/9, Medusa Crush)

LesbianHallucinogenesis (6/6, Translation Loss)

Like RatsII (3/25, Southern Lord)

Lilium SovaLost Between Mounts and Dales / Set Adrift in the Flood of People (10/1, Urgence Disk Records/Cold Smoke Records)

Low Flying HawksKofuku (2/12, Magnetic Eye)

MaethShrouded Mountain (10/28, Minnesconsin Records)

Making FuckA Harrowing End (3/11, Gypsy Blood/Exigent)

MelvinsBasses Loaded (6/3, Ipecac Recordings)

Mike & The MelvinsThree Men and a Baby (4/1, Sub Pop)

MizmorYodh (8/12, Gilead Media)

MogueraPilgrimage (3/22, Independent)

Mondo DragInnoculation of Light (2/26, RidingEasy Records)

Negura BungetZI (9/30, Lupus Lounge)

NeurosisFires Within Fires (9/23, Neurot Recordings)

Oozing WoundWhatever Forever (10/14, Thrill Jockey)

Oranssi PazuzuVärähtelijä (2/26, Svart)

Predatory LightS/T (9/22, Psychic Violence Records/Invictus Productions)

Primitive Man/NorthlessSplit (2/22, Halo of Flies)

Primitive Man/Sea BastardSplit (3/2, Halo of Flies)

ProngX: No Absolutes (1/29, Steamhammer/SPV)

SerpentskirtSpirit Race (2/2, Independent)

SioumYet Further (5/20, Independent)

Sonic MassYou People Never Learn… (1/24, Independent)

SumacWhat One Becomes (6/10, Thrill Jockey)

TeoremaS/T (5/15, Independent)

Terminal CheesecakeDandelion Sauce of the Ancients (11/11, Box Records)

The Texas Chainsaw Dust LoversMe and the Devil (3/28, Besta)

True WidowAVVOLGERE (9/23, Relapse)

VaureenViolence EP (11/18, Independent)

Violet ColdMagic Night (1/31, Independent)

VodunPossession (3/25, Riff Rock)

VukariDivination (8/1, Bindrune Recordings)

Weekend NachosApology (5/20, Relapse)

Wet TeethS/T (2/29, Independent)

WithoutElaborations: II (8/3, Independent)

Year of the Cobra…In The Shadows Below (10/28, STB Records)

Yeti on HorsebackThe Great Dying (9/30, Medusa Crush)

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