Bedowyn: Blood of the Fall

CD100_out Date Released: 05/27/2016
Label: Nocturna
Album Type: Full Length
Album info: Bandcamp

Bedowyn have one of those good Heavy Metal cookbooks, as they have concocted a really moreish dish blending different tastes fusing the best of thrash, doom and traditional metal to create their own beast of a feast.

Coming out via Nocturna, North Carolina’s Bedowyn will see this album released on CD since its original self-release back in 2015.

After a well-received EP Wolves and Trees, this album will go down well with the Mastodon crowd, as it is a relatively safe well-constructed and delivered sound but due to its traveler tendencies incorporating the sounds of metal sub genres it keeps you entertained without slipping in to too safe territory that can risk of becoming dull. The power of the openers “Rite to Kill” and title track are balanced by the rhythmic groove of “Cotards Blade,” and they’ve created an old style ‘album of two sides’ as we have a midway restful period that bleeds in to the intro of “Where Wings Will Burn” that would open the second side if it was a vinyl LP of the late 80s.

Its typical topic content for a heavy metal album – mankind’s failure, but I don’t understand the album cover of the stag deer breaking free from the earth. A strong image I agree, but I can’t see the overt relevance here linking to the album itself. But I may be missing something, but you can’t go too wrong with stag antlers on a metal album cover!

This isn’t going to shock the musical masses or redefine genres, but it will deliver something familiar and wholesome, and it does exactly what it says on the tin. As Vim Fuego says in the documentary film of Bad News: “Its heavy metal, HEAVY METAL, about as heavy as your f#*king brain!”

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