Beak: Let Time Begin

Beak - Let Time Begin album coverMy first taste of Chicago’s Beak came back in 2012 with their outstanding debut EP, Eyrie. The band, consisting of Jon Slusher (Guitar, Lead Vocals), Andy Bosnak (Guitar, Vocals), Jason Goldberg (Bass, Keyboards, Vocals) and Chris Eichenseer (Drums), tore through five tracks of thick, fuzz-laden sludge with sheer perfection.

One of the first things that you will notice on Let Time Begin is the keyboard work. It is far more dominating this time around, and that is a good thing. Jason Goldberg, in addition to playing bass and singing background vocals, adds his electronic mastery to the mix. If you’ve ever seen Beak live, which I have and I highly recommend, then you know exactly how hard Jason attacks his keys.

Another thing that separates Let Time Begin from Eyrie is the overall production and sound. Eyrie was loosely produced, giving the entire EP a gritty, thick, dirty sound that shook the foundation and your soul. On Let Time Begin, the songs are a little more polished. Don’t get me wrong though. The production doesn’t take away from the fact that Beak are as heavy as fuck, and Let Time Begin will melt your face off just as Eyrie did before.

Overall, though, Beak do not steer to far from the sound that made Eyrie so good. Mounting rhythms giving way to huge, churning guitar riffs and screams. Do not let this one slip by.

Label: Someoddpilot Records
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 09/23/2014
Band info: Website

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