Battle Path: Ambedo

Battle Path - Ambedo album cover Date Released: 11/09/2015
Label: Inherent Records
Album Type: Full Length
Album info: Bandcamp

With the name like Battle Path, I fully expected traditional doom or even power metal, so I was taken by surprise as it is far more furious and blackened than I was prepared for. After a pleasant four-minute intro of gentle guitar in opening track “Raging Host,” it suddenly erupts and the vocals are the rasping hatred fueled black metal howling growl.

“A Thirst for Blood” continues this down tuned, down tempo and down mood plod through expansive and explorative blackened sonic experimentation. It cross pollinates from industrial pounding, black metal and powerful doom, and the vocals are soil rich gravel! This creates a very depressing and stark sound, a bleak landscape of despair!

This has seen a previous release in 2015, but now sees it release on cassette for all you collectors out there. It was written and released during a period of change in Battle Path as founding members Chase and Casey both left soon after completion, I do hope they have set up a Private Investigation firm together – “Chase & Casey”

The title track is a seven minute ambient foray in to the netherworld of darkness followed by some beautiful disharmonic guitar intro in to “Ascension,” which has that draw of something that is ugly and horrific, but its weird alternative beauty draws you in irrespectively. It is a tune to get lost in, as it is deep, slow and rhythmic. “Deep Wounds” marries together the blackened doom band sound with the more experimental ambient sound, and over 10 minutes it allows it to develop, rise and fall and close, leaving a three-minute outro of waves of noise to draw you out of their gloom, if you are lucky to survive!

Ambedo is available on three different variations of vinyl from Crimson Eye Records right here, and will be released on cassette via Wood and Stone Productions on June 24. Unfortunately, there is no further info available about this cassette right now. Hmmm.

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