Bardus: Stella Porta

Bardus - Stella Porta album cover Date Released: 04/01/2016
Label: Solar Flare Records
Album Type: Full Length
Band info: Facebook

Philadelphia is one of the first city’s that come to mind when I think “noise rock”. Heavy hitters Fight Amp, Psychic Teen and Creepoid seem to be well established to the point where I’m surprised when even non-Rock friends haven’t heard of them.

Bardus is a band that is elevating themselves to that point with their most recent full length Stella Porta. A band not unfamiliar with using Latin (Bardus, Solus) is at it again. Stella Porta translates to Star Gate. Appropriately named for an album that jettisons the listener out of this world on multiple occasions with delicious stoner rock breakdowns.

“Sky King” gives you a feeling that you just had tequila and mixer poured in your mouth followed by violent shaking of the head before being pushed out of an airplane. “Oracle” will give you a sense that you are wandering through the mushroom forest while appreciating their trippy album art.

Bardus are very good at making you feel like you are on another plane. This isn’t a one trick pony, though. Stella Porta kicks things off with a well placed head bobbing upbeat jam. “Smoke Bath” is a warm-up to stretch your mind out for the listen. I treat it like how pools say “must rinse off before swimming.” But in terms of this album, you must take a smoke bath before embarking on this journey.

The high point for me is “Haze”. This is one of the best songs I have heard so far in 2016. I can’t help but think this would have been the soundtrack to X-Files’ recent episode seeing Mulder taking a mushroom trip if it took place in Philly rather than Texas. That would have been killer! Anyways, don’t sleep on this album. These dudes are poised for big things!

Their album comes out on 4/1 via Solar Flare Records.

Check out an interview I did with them for my old site HERE.

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