Bait: Sunburst

Bait - Sunburst album cover Date Released: 06/06/2016
Label: WOOAAARGH/Sell Your Soul Records
Album Type: EP
Album info: Bandcamp

German blackened hardcore band Bait are set to release their new album Sunburst in June 2016, and I am easily impressed as readers here will know.

Blackened hardcore to me brings forth thoughts of short sharp putrid bile ridden tracks, yet here we have five tracks ranging from two to eight minutes in length. So Bait are able to develop the sound over the longer tracks, but not lose any of their crust credentials. The songs offer a slightly slower blackened hardcore sound, however, no less punishing or pounding.

Bait have been around for a couple of years. The four piece have had line-up changes, but their current line-up illustrates a very tight core structure. Terrific track names such as “Nihil” and “In The Absence of Light” conjure up the brutality and despair, and act as loosely coded messages to the crustcore masses so they know what to expect on this release.

Germany and eastern Europe issues many similar bands, a black brigade of disharmonic crust hardcore. And Bait are well worth exploring as they balance the intensity and speed of the crust hardcore, alongside the slower tempo arrangements that develop the emotion and feelings of despair and hurt.

Sunburst is being released digitally on Bandcamp and on limited edition vinyl (231 solid white, grey & black mixed, 238 doom black) through WOOAARGH Records.

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