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BongCauldron - Binge

BongCauldron – Binge Review

Riffs, YEAH, can U dig it? Hell Yeah! BongCauldron deliver high powered, performance spec riffing doom rock n roll! There is such power here, it is not surprising its recorded at Sky Hammer studios. It

Saiva - Markerna bortom

Saiva – Markerna bortom Review

‘I come from the land of the ice and snow’ hollered someone nearly 50 years back. And today, the Scandinavian rock and metal world is truly Hammering the Gods. Musically, this could sit alongside early

Motherslug - The Electric Dunes of Titan

Motherslug – The Electric Dunes of Titan Review

If Fu Manchu had recorded around the time of Sabbath’s Master of Reality, I reckon it would sound like this mother slab from Melbourne’s Motherslug. Australia has mountains, valleys and deserts, and this is echoed

Necrosexual - Pink Mass

Pink Mass – Necrosexual Review

Place your faith in the filth, is their bye line. And that’s not a bad introduction in to Pink Mass, as they are fine purveyors of sado-masochistic gore grind, sexual splatter horror like Genitorturers and

Ore - Belatedly

Ore – Belatedly Review

This album, sonically, is like a ritual. From its initial note, held and then alternated a while, simplicity evidencing the less is more approach works. Tuba drone doom. Not everyone’s taste I’m sure. When my

Lustre - Still Innocence

Lustre – Still Innocence Review

Opening chords of “Dreaded Still” drench the listener in Slowdive-esque shoegazing effects before tinkly high-end keyboards take a centre stage to try and build an oppressive, misty atmosphere. It’s very gothic, in a neo-classical style,

Kult Mogil - Portentaque

Kult Mogił – Portentaque EP Review

Polish death metallers Kult Mogił formed back in 2014, and this EP is a follow up to their debut Anxiety Never Descending LP and I reckon this would go down well with Carcass fans out

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