Armed With Books Honestly, Honesty

Armed With Books - Honestly, Honesty album cover Moody, thoughtful angst ridden post hardcore sound, owing a lot to Ian Mackaye and the sounds he delivered to the world. Grandad Records will release the vinyl version of this debut album Honestly, Honesty on August 5 2016.

I get the feelings of frustration and pent-up stress not the full-blown despair that the sludge bands offer, this is a cleaner, lighter sound, but none the less it bubbles on the surface, letting you know that the geyser is just about to blow any minute! Armed with Books hold it together by balancing light touch gentle guitar work, before crashing cymbals and disdainful vocals remind us of the true reason they formed a band!

Armed With Books come from Norwich, the eastern side of England, which, as I have mentioned here before grows some awesome bands of different genres. Maybe it’s the North Sea coast that gives them their despondent disposition, but its great listening to the vocalist ranting over the back beat. During “Plain Sight” I can see his veins stressing under his neck skin it is that strong! I want to stomp around the room now and throw things!

There will only be 250 copies on vinyl so hot foot it over to Grandad Records. It’s well worth a visit to Grandad Records, where you can pick up the Armed With Books split CD, plus stable mates William English album which is at the sludgier end of the spectrum. So Armed With Books are all in good hands!

Date Released: 04/01/2016
Label: Grandad Records
Album Type: EP
Album info: Bandcamp

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