Armagh: Venomous Frost

Armagh - Venemous Frost album cover I know they cover a Bathory tune on this album, but I can’t shake the comparisons, which is a good thing in my view! You can smell the Blood, Fire and Death on this album.

Armagh encapsulate exactly what it was when I first heard this type of music in the mid-80s and got me hooked! The grittiness of Kreator, the rhythmic pummeling of Bathory, the speed of Slayer without compromising song structure as it delivers breaks, lead rips and holocaust whirlwinds. Their bio says they are a young band, but they are very tight and accomplished. And I am enjoying their sound.

I always thought that if I ever have to go ‘over the top; during trench warfare, I want to pump myself up with Manowar’s ‘Battle Hymns’ and Bathory’s ‘Blood Fire Death’. Armargh is now added to that list. And an important list I am sure you’ll agree.

The cover of “Witchcraft” sits well in this arsenal as it shows them wearing their influences on their sleeves, playing it true to form, and I reckon this is one of the best of the faster black metal releases I have heard for a long time. This has the power without the muscle, just a good deal of rhythm and black – the new r n’b!

Venomous Frost is now available in two versions, regular jewel case CD limited to 100 copies or a black jewel case CD branded with serigraphy print (silk screen printing – I had to look up what it meant) from Third Eye Temple’s Bandcamp page.

Date Released: 05/02/2016
Label: Third Eye Temple
Album Type: Full Length
Album info: Bandcamp

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