Allfather: No Gods. No Masters.

Allfather - no gods no masters album coverThe word ‘Allfather’ often refers to a supreme male god, so interesting to hear the soundbite used to open the album is a discussion around Karl Marx. I’m hooked in already.

Scour the net and Bandcamp you will find a good number of references to ‘Allfather’ in song title or band name. And this Allfather isn’t to get confused with the Canadian namesake, as they are much faster and blacker.

This Allfather hail from Rochester, a castled town in Kent, UK. And I know three things about Rochester; 1) it used to have a cracking second-hand book shop with shelves packed of old sci-fi, 2) it has a castle, 3) it now has an almighty powerhouse of a sludge metal/hardcore band to be reckoned with. Allfather.

Rolling drums accompany the soundbite in ‘The Great Destroyer’ , and once they’ve put the world to rights politically, Tom leaps in with his vocals, gruff and powerful, vocally on the hardcore side, and musically in a metal camp with crashing cymbals and a bass string that gets some serious action, as did my noggin when I got in to the groove.

‘No Justice/No Peace’ offers the nihilism and hopelessness of the sludge aesthetic, along with Tom’s powerful vocal, Allfather get a great rhythm going and it makes me think of Burden of the Noose without the high pitch screams, or Corrupt Moral Altar – both cracking sludge/core Bands from Britain.

And the political sentiments of the grindcore pedigree is evident in superb titles such as ‘Post Austerity Blues’ along with the grimier side shining through with ‘The Worms Won’t Have Us’, but unlike the stoner side of sludge, Allfather play with an urgency that makes you pay attention. I missed them play London recently which I am gutted by, but really hope to see them soon and hear more of them.

Label: Independent
Album Type: EP
Date Released: 04/02/2015
Band info: Facebook

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