Allfather – Inherit the Dust Review

Allfather - Inherit the Dust

You may have heard this already, you may be listening to it right now. You can listen to it, enjoying this terrible noise because we live in peace. You can choose to listen (or not) because we have freedoms to do so, freedoms of expression.

Allfather have chosen to release this song with proceeds going towards helping refugees. Refugees may not have the freedoms of expression in their home country. They may not have the peace we enjoy due to wars.

Allfather come from Kent, the region of the UK where refugees are crossing the Channel from mainland Europe to reach this promised land, and its a credit to Allfather to standing up against the tirade of vitriol in the media towards ‘immigrants’ and the right wing politics of parties such as UKIP fighting hard in Margate and the localities. There is a fantastic community within the world of metal, Twitter and #metalbandcampgiftclub are evidence of this. And tiny actions can make a big difference!

The singing riffs laid down on this intro do not prepare you for the oncoming onslaught of power chugging. A tremendous outing from Allfather who grow from strength to strength with each release.

You may already give money and support to Refugee charities, if not, why not download this tune for £1or more and stand shoulder to shoulder with Allfather on the Isle of Thanet and support fellow humans less fortunate than ourselves. Lets hope there is more than just dust for all of us!

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